About the Best Travel Anxiety Guide

We love to travel but we also deal with anxiety.  Just because some self-proclaimed expert says they have a bullet proof method to zap away your travel anxiety it doesn’t mean that it is going to work for you.  If we really want to treat travel anxiety then it has to be flexible enough for you, so we need to hear from you!  We’ve already done the research and here is what is on our radar:

Too focused on flying related anxiety.  A lot of books focus primarily on anxiety around flying.  Lots of people get stressed out by the unknown details of the whole trip. The trip isn’t over when you leave the airport, so we are thinking about strategies that cover your whole itinerary.

When a panic attack strikes the experts leave you out to dry.  Other authors deal with how to prevent anxiety but what happens if things don’t go to plan?  Do you have an option B for what happens if you are in a crisis?  If you are stuck in a foreign city at 3am and don’t speak the language will you recall the expert advice that get you out of that situation?  Did the experts even have advice? We are thinking about what to do when you have your own personal crisis.

They’ve never gone through it.  A lot of writers will tell you what you should do during a panic attack but have never gone through it themselves. We have.  When your having the feeling that your throat is closing up on a bus on the way to Stonehenge will the book you read on flying anxiety help? Is the “expert” advice you’ve read written by someone who has never had anxiety going to help you when you have a panic attack getting on a train to Normandy? We’ve learned from our own hard lessons what works and what doesn’t.

So, what do you say?  Can we contact you to ask you what would make the best travel anxiety guide?